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Search Engine Optimisation

Do you want to hire a search engine optimization company (SEO company) that gets paid based on results – not on promises, ideas or trends? Are you looking for the guarantee of a Top 10 Placement? Would you prefer to focus your time, money and energy only on the top search engines: Google, Yahoo! and MSN?

Good SEO means being in Google Results, but also good Yahoo Results and good Google UK search results.

Our advanced search engine optimization (search engine optimisation – or SEO if you’re british!) services help you to get the right search engine results. We work with small- and medium-sized businesses looking to increase online visibility with search engines, meaning conversion rates and sales. We offer monthly search engine optimization services (SEO services) starting at £200 per month.

Here is our guarantee: Your website must achieve Ten or more Top 10 Search Engine Rankings on Google, Yahoo! and/or MSN…or that month is free!

Looking for the guarantee of a Top 10 Search Engine Placement? You’ve come to the right place because we know the ropes. As a pay-for-performance search engine optimization company (SEO company), our business model is different from the rest. We get paid on results, and more specifically, your results. And everything we do is “white hat,” that is, it is all based on Google’s webmaster guidelines, the toughest and most respected SEO guidelines around.

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When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) and choosing an SEO company, what does pay-for-performance mean and why is this the way to go for organic placement? We believe that pay-for-performance is the best model for you, the client, to ensure that your website gets the search engine rankings, or search engine placement, it — and you — require. Our goals are results and a long-term relationship…without one, there simply is not the other.

We pioneered the pay for performance model in SEO. Our pay-for-performance organic search engine optimization service (SEO service) means that our monthly compensation is based on your results. We get paid only for the Top 10 search engine rankings we achieve for you in the three (3) major search engines: Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

In any month that you don’t get the results we’ve guaranteed, then you don’t pay for that month. It’s that simple.

Why should this matter to you or your online business? Our search engine optimization packages (SEO packages) make sense for businesses of all sizes because you pay for verifiable organic search engine placement for those keywords that we and you have determined are most likely to generate targeted search engine traffic…and this targeted traffic is usually where your next customers can be found.

SEO Copywriting…and more. Beyond the higher rankings and increased traffic, we work with you to convert qualified search engine traffic into conversions (in other words, we help turn them from visitors into customers) through optimized sales copy (SEO copywriting). We speak two languages – that of your customers and that of the search engines.

Putting a price on results. Have you been throwing money at pay-per-click campaigns (PPC search marketing) without getting a good ROI (return on investment)? If you answered ‘yes,’ you are, unfortunately, not alone.

The truth is that most search engine marketing companies require ongoing payments without any guaranteed result in return. Our top 10 placement guarantee and our team of SEO professionals minimizes and in some cases eliminates your monthly PPC spending by driving clicks and getting traffic to your website via free organic search results.

We believe strongly that the most affordable, effective and long-lasting approach to getting top 10 search engine results is through organic, or natural, search means.

Our pay-for-performance monthly ranking guarantee program works. Other search engine optimization (SEO) companies require you to sign a contract that requires an ongoing monthly flat rate payment that stays the same regardless of your actual search engine rankings.

Not with With our pay-for- performance search engine optimization plans, we have set the bar higher because you deserve an SEO company that delivers on what it promises. Our way of doing business ensures that our success is based on your success.

Ready to see what a Top 10 search engine ranking does for your bottom line? Let’s talk results and leave the guessing games to others. Contact us to request a customized SEO Proposal.

In a competitive marketplace, probably the most important way that you can get new custom through your door is by using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Our SEO process will look in detail at your work, the environment under which you operate, and the patterns of your competitors to place you best in those all important Google, Yahoo and page rankings. We can structure your web site to get the best in-depth search engine results that your customers need to see. If they don’t see you in the search results, will they really become your customers?

We keep on top of industry trends, and help you to have one less thing to worry about! We use proven Search Engine Optimisation consultancy techniques to review your site so that we can come up with a SEO strategy that will work for you.

Typically, our Search Engine Optimisation strategies are carried out over three to six months and offer very good value for money for businesses who need to get clients direct from web searches.

For a Search Engine Optimisation consultancy quote, please contact us .